Turkey’s Kurdish Question

Turkey’s Kurdish Question

Turkey’s Kurdish Question

The Kurds, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Middle East, are reasserting their identitypolitically and through violence. Turkey’s essentially democratic structure and civil societyideal tools for coping with and incorporating minority challengehave so far been suspended on this issue, which the government is treating almost exclusively as a security problem to be dealt with by force. This study explores the roots, dimensions, character, and evolution of the problem, offers a range of approaches to a resolution of the conflict, and draws broader parallels between the Kurdish question and other separatist movements worldwide.


By far the most serious and convincing study of Turkey’s Kurdish question to date. (The New York Review Of Books )

This is a first-class analysis of Turkey’s continuing Kurdish problem. (Hargrove, Erwin C. Political Science Quarterly)

Barkey and Fuller, two eminent scholars, deal with one of the most important problems in the Middle East—the challenge of the Kurdish nationalist movement to the states of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria…. This first-rate book is must reading for all scholars, policy advocates, and general readers interested in the Middle East. (CHOICE )

Amply covers the existing research-field. (Eva Østergard-Nielsen Ethnic Conflict Research Digest )

The author’s observations are certainly useful for those who are genuinely interested in Turkey’s wellfare. (South European Society and Politics )

Remarkably documented, this is a perceptive and courageous study of a crucial problem for the future of Turkey. It offers options for a lasting settlement. (Eric Rouleau )

Scholars, journalists, and policy-makers, as well as those interested in the field of conflict resolution or prevention, will find this well-written, cogently argued, and perceptive book very useful. (International Journal Of Millddle East Studies )