How To Learn a Foreign Language

How To Learn a Foreign Language

How To Learn a Foreign Language

Learning any foreign language is hard work. But it’s a lot easier if you know the hidden skills and techniques that experts know — and use — to learn any foreign language. In this little handbook, language expert Graham E. Fuller — whose career has required him to learn more than a dozen languages — shows how to take the steps that will make it easier for anyone struggling to learn any new language.

That’s why How to Learn a Foreign Language is used by schools, universities, and independent language-learners throughout the world. 

Acclaim for How to Learn a Foreign Language:

“Don’t miss this little book!  It is unusual in that it treats languages as respectable and serious study but also fun. It addresses common fears, and deals with the attitudes that have made Americans increasingly monolingual. It is packed wih advice on how to learn a foreign language… Excellent, simple, with summaries at the end of each chapter. …I enjoyed it very much.
Rene Perez-Lopez
Voice of Youth Advocates 

“This is a terrific book. It should be required reading before starting to learn a foreign language. In a very readable way it explains what a student should look out for and what to focus on. I wish I had been able to read this book before I started my first foreign language. I would have been much better prepared.”
Michael A. Kelleher
Student, Indiana University Reviewers 

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Introduction, May 16, 2005

By MMR “Mary” (Los Angeles, CA United States) How to Learn a Foreign Language (Paperback)

After many years experience studying several different languages I can assure you that this is an excellent summary of techniques useful to learning a language from someone who has used the techniques himself. The author provides interesting insights into how languages work and, more importantly, it is very easy to understand. It is not too much, but just enough of what you need to settle in and learn the language of your choice.