What is Bozorg Press? 

Two years ago I made the decision to explore the exciting new world of self-publishing. Having published a dozen books over the years with various New York commercial houses, I’m well familiar with the traditional book publishing process. 

But times are changing. The emergence of Amazon.com has been a major factor, about which I feel ambivalent. On the one hand, I truly love all its imaginative marketing brilliance and extraordinary services to the reader; on the other, I worry that this massive and gifted company has established near monopolistic powers over a traditional book industry that is now contributing to the death of the independent bookstore and threatening the traditional publishing industry. 

But this is a step towards democratization of the literary field. Writers are now taking control of their own literary products — for the better in some cases, for the worse in others. And I’m personally excited that I can publish my own works, design the covers and layout, and set my own much more market-friendly price for my readers. 

That’s why I established Bozorg Press. Bozorg means “large” or “great” in Persian. I’ve used it as my email address for decades after being counseled that I should choose an address that didn’t contain my name. I’m not sure that has any validity but, once having an email address, it’s difficult to change. 

As my first foray into the indie field, I self-published a memoir in 2012, Three Truths and a Lie, about my journey as the adopted parent of a Korean son, Luke, who died at 21 of crack cocaine. Now this book, Turkey and the Arab Spring, is my second, and under my own press name. 

There should be more books from Bozorg Press coming down the line to join them. Next is a novel, I hope will be ready for publication by early 2015. 

So, thanks for your interest in – and support of – my own indie experiment. I have joined ranks with many others who are collectively changing the way books are written, published and marketed to the reading public. 

I welcome your comments, suggestions and, of course, reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, GoodReads and other places readers share their opinions. 

Graham E. Fuller
April 2014